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I write stories and stuff. Woo, I guess.

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Nevermind, Computer's Fixed Now. · 7:46pm Apr 1st, 2016

My computer got fixed, so the new update is there! Sorry for the wait...

Report Watercolor-Rain · 106 views · Story: Shadows ·
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Thanks for the follow.

wow thanks!:twilightsmile:
its still making me giggle!:yay:

2230782 I found it on google tbh. However, if you google "Fluttershy in a bag," it'll be one of the first ones there. :3

okay i need to ask you 1 THING and 1 THING only!:pinkiegasp:

where the heck did you find that so adorable and cute avatar!?:rainbowkiss:
it tickles my manly feelings making me giggle.:yay:

  • Viewing 22 - 26 of 26
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