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I woke up one morning and found myself an anthro Alicorn mare. I love my life now!

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(A side story to https://www.fimfiction.net/story/306799/equestrian-eeveelution.)

I just wanted to get away from the storm that was getting worse. How was I to know Discord and Arceus would send me to Ponyville to watch over a pack of Eevees?

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This is my backstory on Excalibur Edge as she gets a kind of crash course in having a new life, and being kind of rushed into it all. Most of this will be taking place before Skaltrox Defiance Knight's Lavender Heart . So get ready for a bucking wild ride in this mare's life. Well, maybe not that wild.:trollestia:

(Made a few edits to clean up the chapters. 5/14/2017)

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