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Crazy Train

RIP Clint "Crazy Train" Masterson, 05/09/92-02/08/15


Clint laid to rest today · 11:01am Feb 11th, 2015

Today will be the day that Clint "Crazy Train" Masterson, will be brought to his final resting place, user currently using this profile is Thunder Lightning, after today, this account will be left dormant, In honor of Clint

I would also like to thank you all for your support through this difficult time, I am sure that Clint would thank you as well, but he is smiling down upon you all from heaven, and I know he cares for you all still

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1653637 Your welcome, I like helping people out of a situation and trying to comfort them.

1653002 Today is Clint's funeral, it is at his home in Denver, he was Terrified of funeral homes since he was a kid, then, per one of his final wishes he had wrote down (Don't know why he did that) His casket will be delivered by train to the cemetery where he will be laid to rest, once again D10, I thank you for being of the ones to support me and Clint's friends through this difficult time

1653001 Oh my. That's so young.

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