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Luna's my favorite pony and Princess, I also love Star Wars, video games, and telling stories. I hope to sate your appetite for quality stories.

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Twelve years have passed since Apollyon tried to destroy peace across the multiverse, but during Winter Moon's thirteenth birthday party, a new evil rears its head. The Heartless now seek to destroy the world Winter calls home. Will they succeed, or will the young princess take a stand and halt the spread of the darkness? Find out in the final tale of the Daedra's Heart trilogy, A Daedra's Kingdom.

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After defeating the Soul of Cinder, and extinguishing the First Flame, a cleric named, Damien Flamel ends up in Equestria before Luna's banishment and becomes her greatest ally and the sworn defender of Equestria.

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It was a relatively quiet day in the Isles of Perception where the Daedric Prince of moralistic choices, Kai, was sitting on his throne pondering what was making him so miserable, despite the fact he was immortal, had a huge cult, and could do anything he wanted, he was still unhappy and wanted to know why. His problem was that nobody really loved him for who he was. However, in Equestria, Princess Luna was acting very strangely lately and she didn't know why. The reason was that she was loved by the people for being the princess of the night, not being loved for being herself. Little does she know that her answer will come in a very strange form.
Disclaimer: I do not own any Elder Scrolls content, or MLP FiM content, they belong to their respective owners.
F.Y.I. This is my FIRST story, so it's imperative that you leave comments, because they'll only help me improve my future stories.
Also the "Anthro" tag is for a surprise later on in the story.
Also a special thanks to Dark Obsidian, for being my co-writer.
Story also takes place during Season 5 after the Cutie Map episode.
(Teen rating for language and mild sexual content)

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