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When I'm not ferrying the dead across the river Styx, I'm reading pony fics.

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Side Story to Improbable Truth

The woman was used to being just another face in the crowd. Just another girl, trying to survive the harsh times that landed the world. But it was after a bright blue flash that everything had changed. In a strange world, where the laws of nature as she knew them were nothing more than suggestions, the girl had be rechristened by an alien claiming to have once been a man.

Val, short for Valentine, Valiant, or whatever else she could come up with to hide her true species, had soon found herself alone once more in this strange new world. Alone with nothing more than the advice of a madman, a cloak, and a reliable staff.

Might as well start exploring.

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I'll have my revenge on those ponies! But to do it, I'll have to gather the best traits from the creatures around the world.

Then, I will rule.

Now where did I leave my recipe book?

Awesome cover art by CrowbarTK-Hullo

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Your Universe is large, too large for words. And you may believe that it is stable, moving across time and space unmolested. But all universes are simply balls in a giant game of billiards, forever intertwining in the Void, across Infinity. This is known as the Multiverse, or Yggdrasil, the Tree of Existence. Its gardener is the Entity, a being that thinks its task is to make sure the branches and roots of Yggdrasil do not intermingle. But every now and then, the curious consciousness finds an oddity.
This oddity is a lost soul who seeks nothing more than to distance himself, firmly believing in his own insanity. But somehow, his actions affect the lives of many, and even Equestria itself. This is the story of Windell's journey and the adventures taken by those that have noticed the incursions.

Editors/Pre-readers: Izanagi & AlicornPriest

Credit to TheManFromMars for the Arc 1 Cover!
Credit to 2135D for the Arc 2 Cover!

Credit to DavieRocket for the Arc 3 Cover!

Gore tag for some scenes. Will place warning in chapters. It is not overly gory for the heck of it, just descriptive.


Chapters (35)
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