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I started watching this show back in November-ish 2011 and it has been a great support for me so I thought I would give back. Now I hope that I can complete this sentence before I run out of chara-


update · 7:34pm Apr 14th, 2015

This one is kinda hard to say.

Normally I am very good with ideas. I have many for the story 'A golden wish'. Unfortunately, I have hit a wall with it.

Basically, there is gold coming up in this chapter and the next chapters (if I do it correctly) but I'm kinda...plodding through a part at the moment.

Not sure when thus chapter is gonna come out, but I don't think it is gonna be out as fast as the last one.

Just a warning.

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A Review of a Cupcakes Review · 2:27pm Apr 11th, 2015

Before I begin, I thought I would say something important. Everything needs an introduction after all.

I have been a fan of this show for 4 years. I hold some bragging rights in that regard ha ha. But due to university and various self confidence issues as well as my distinct feeling of isolation to the community, I did not start a channel sooner. Therefore I am unknown as a content creator.

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things and stuff · 11:20pm Mar 17th, 2015

OK here's the deal. I have another idea for a story but it will be a long one. I also plan on writing the third chapter to 'two strangers' as it was the reason why I started writing.

Basically, I may be out of action for a bit. I would really appreciate it if you could write a comment on one of my stories and let me know what you liked or disliked. Thanks a lot guys

Stay shiny

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By the way... · 11:24pm Mar 3rd, 2015

If anyone is interested, I have a YouTube channel where I do readings and soon hopefully music. No pressure, it's just if you are interested

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Stories to short to be stories · 3:16pm Feb 28th, 2015

Ok so here is the first story that couldn't be accepted, despite all my hard work :pinkiecrazy: but I'm still gonna put down.

Enjoy :pinkiehappy:

A Trip to see my Brother – By Twilight Sparkle – By MelancholyIguana

It was a day just like any other
Where I wanted to go see my brother
But my friends caught on
And wanted to come along
And decided we’ll all go together

I got prepped and really must say
I was raring to be on my way
Buy my friends weren’t here yet

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