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In summary · 10:25pm Jul 8th, 2013

To sum things up, I was a writer long ago.
I was in fact a writer of very low quality fan fiction. Not terrible, just highly minimal and poorly constructed fanfiction.
So, then I took breaks and did things intermittently.
Now, I return inspired by a lovely young writer (whom I should definitely ask to dinner, someday). Well, I want to write again and read more and help people grow and be part of the community, as I was when this site was still in it's early days.

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Hello, first commenter :P

First comment ever, eh? Cool, cool...

Sir did you die approximately 181 weeks and three days ago?

Cause that is how long you have been gone.

Also congrates on having the first comment on fimfiction.net.

Dear Faust. This is the first commenter page?

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