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A long time ago in a land to the north there was a cruel and heartle-who am i kidding, he couldn't hack it as a king so he tried to pull a tyrant card and failed, now, after one thousand (approximate) years sombra is released from his prison!...

fair warning, he nopes out of there faster than anypony can say smol.

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This story is a sequel to I Just Want to be Left Alone....

Nightshade has finally gotten her cutie mark, the little filly is ecstatic to celebrate so! Only problem is she did so raising the dead. Now the Princesses are coming and half of the land are in a kerfufle about it. Also, did I forget to mention that she's blind?

Second story in the "I'm Back" series, inspired by a novel of a somewhat similar name and several zombie fics that I have read and that Mortem the last necromancer.

P.S. I don't know how to add links to thins so please don't get angry with me.

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Argen Lupus finds himself in the land of Equestria shortly after the events of Twilights' coronation, though things never seem to go his way, Werewolf hunters are on his trail once again, though they seem paltry compared to the Redhoods that once sought to destroy him. now he finds himself at the mercy of a goddess he thought he lived for.

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Dusk shine, the beloved student of Prince Solaris, is being kicked out of canterlot till he gets an idea of how to live life outside of books. I personally don't give a sh!t. This is a story of how one night can change even the worst of enemies into the closest ponies on equis. ENJOY OR PERISH BEFORE THE MIGHT OF- GAK!

bug me when you want a chapter posted, i will try to keep a regular every mon-wed-fri schedule going so.. bug me when you want to hear more.

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