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Knight N Gale

I'm a proofreader and editor who also happens to be a huge fan of the show. I love reading fanfictions, especially romances. My Avatar/OC is named Knight'n Gale, and is part of the Lunar Guard.


My Christmas Avatar · 7:41pm Dec 10th, 2016

My new Christmas avatar curtesy of Kombatant Champion

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help this guy out · 2:29am May 5th, 2016

Our fellow friend Crimson Beat needs our help

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3D Pic of Knight'n Gale · 4:46am Jan 22nd, 2016

Hey there my very few followers. Look at this fucking awesome 3D rendition of Knight'n Gale
My friend Loopy Kombatant is the who made this. I cant thank him enough

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My OC · 10:29pm Jun 25th, 2015

Meet me OC, Knight'n Gale (pronounced Night N Gale). He is a dark gray earth pony stallion with a black spikey mane with red spiked bangs combed to the side. His tail is short and spiked and features the same color scheme. His cutie mark is a blue shield with a black Nightingale bird. His cutie marks meaning is as followed: The nightingale bird represents his powerful voice and singing skills and the shield represents his fighting skills and his nature to protect innocent lives and to fight for

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Ask my OC anything · 6:06pm Jun 14th, 2015

Hello there, my name is Knight'n Gale. Go ahead and ask me anything. You can ask anything from my life as earth pony to my career as a Lunar Gaurd.
Without armor
With armor

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Im going to start doing audio readings · 5:19pm Jun 1st, 2015

Hello to my very few followers. Im going to start doing audio readings for the stories here on fimficton. Even though a lot of people do this. I want to do more than just read, and edit stories. The onle thing is that I will basically only be doing shipping stories. They dont have to be romance only, like it can have adventure, comedy, alternate universe, etc. tags in them too.

As for the shippings I will read for are as follows:

TwiDash (Twilight and Rainbow Dash)

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