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An angeloid destined for Earth is redirected by mistake and ends up in Equestria and is found by none other than Fluttershy after he was injured protecting her. How will this angeloid react to his new home and what is his story? Read on to find out.

The "other" in characters is for Blueblood, Spike, and miscellaneous background ponies.

Thoughts are written inside 'this' notation and speech is noted inside "the usual notation". Have fun reading.

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Long before Nightmare Moon's banishment two ponies played together in a beautiful garden next to a giant castle. One was a ash colored colt and the other a navy blue filly. Then from a high window came a shout. The navy blue filly turned and ran into the castle promising to meet again later. However that will never happen.

Chapters (2)

Scootaloo is walking home from school and enters the Everfree forest to escape a lecture from her mother. What she finds there will change her life forever. (In this story Scoots has already been adopted by Fluttershy.) A dark grey colt with a fire red mane and tail with streaks of purple and black through out his hair and is about the same age as Scootaloo. He crash-landed in the forest after being struck by lightning and has broken his wing and is unconscious. Who will take care of this young colt when he wakes and why does Princess Celestia seem fearful when she first meets the young colt?

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