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Society is screwed, so why not be different. Be an Outcast. Be pleased to walk alone.


Tekken 7 Armor King addition · 6:55pm Dec 3rd, 2018

Who else is super excited for the addition of Armor King to Tekken 7? I am extremely excited about it, I've been mainig AK in every game that featured him and he is absolutely my favourite character. I have been focusing on King for a few months since only he was available and I think I've gotten pretty damn good with him, but when I get my hands on the new DLC Armor King is going to take over my Tekken life.

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Hand · 5:21am Feb 5th, 2018

I no longer have feeling in my hand

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Why the name change? · 5:36am May 21st, 2017

So, TheSixthGuardian was just a thing I had because some one suggested it. I changed my name because I wanted to give everyone a sense of who I am. Now that I think about it me and my friends are, typically, Outcasts. When I say that I mean that everyone tends to judge us because we have our own way of doing things and we all have something that makes us stand out. My best friend who is like a brother to me has a facination with knives, and people tend to not notice me even though I'm in the

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Only Idaho · 10:49pm Apr 26th, 2017

It snowed in April

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Guess who isn't dead yet · 10:04am Apr 12th, 2017


Just been busy, unmotivated, and downright a piece of shit like always. But I will get back to writing, or typing, after Thursday or Friday when I have free time.

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Wrestling · 4:43am Dec 9th, 2016

Not that anyone cares or anything, I just thought I would share that my first wrestling tournament of the season is tomorrow. I get to get out of class at 10:15, so I only have to go to my first hour, which is Video Game Design, and 15 minutes for Physics. I'm wrestling at 220 and weigh 215 currently, but the lowest I can drop to is 194 and still be healthy. I just thought that I'd share this because I love wrestling and want everyone to know how I do.

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Happy Thanksgiving · 4:15am Nov 25th, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving for those who are in the States! Hope you had a great day with your family!!!

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Birthday · 6:04am Nov 24th, 2016

OH YEAH! It's my birthday, November 23. I got a card from my grandma and that was it.

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Sooner then Expected · 2:37am Nov 8th, 2016

So, chapter 9 might be coming sooner then I previously thought. It stil might be a couple weeks, but that's a lot sooner than a couple months

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I Hate CLOWNS · 7:22am Oct 10th, 2016

Does everyone know what the deal is with clowns in the states? If not, they started out east in South Carolina and were caught by home owners watching cctv cameras and that was I think one or two years ago. Now the clowns are all the way in the west. I live in Idaho and a couple clowns were spotted not far from where I live. The worst part: I fucking hate clowns. I will admit if one is just standing there I will leave it alone and stay as far away as possible, but if one runs at me all I got to

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