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When doing stories set in the past... please do your research. · 2:19am Feb 26th, 2020

Not knowing what you are writing about can... cause issues.

My dad read a book set in London and he was a bit annoyed that the author had characters riding bikes... 200 years before they were invented.

Extreme example.

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Feature I wish Fimfiction had · 9:09pm Aug 27th, 2017

I wish fimfiction would clean up the in-progress list.

What do I mean?
Currently, if you go searching in the in-progress stories... you will find allot of dead/hiatus fics that the author never bothered to label as being dead/on hiatus.

What I wish would happen.
* Mark any story where the author hasn't logged onto the website in a year as dead.
* Mark any story where the author hasn't updated in 6 months as hiatus.

Doing this would really help clean up the search results.


Why harems are hard to do well · 1:03am Apr 11th, 2017

There are 3 types of harem stories.
1. Porn -> This is done for exotic scenarios. The goal is to be erotic, not deep story telling.
2. Wish fulfillment/Mary Sue -> Everyone loves my character! Everyone I fantasize about will mary him/her! And get along, even with wildly different and clashing personalities!
3. Attempting to write a romance.

This article is about #3. Trying to write a serious romance.

Why are almost no harem stories good romance stories?

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Methods of getting to Equestria · 6:02pm Jul 10th, 2016

There are many methods for getting to Equestria in FIM fiction. Thought I would make a list of them all.
If I missed any, please tell me.


1. Natural/supernatural event - A random portal sucks the human and/or his surroundings into Equestria. The advantage of this is that it is short and to the point.
* New Beginnings

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Your house in Equestria... · 5:09am Jun 16th, 2016

...and why it shouldn't magically have utilities hooked up.

I can't believe I'm actually having to post this... but... I just came across yet another story that does this.
If you have your human get to Equestria by having their house magically appear there.... don't have all the electronic devices/plumbing still work. It makes no logical sense at all. It's a major plot hole! Don't do it!

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I lost my glasses because of a Tornado yesterday.... · 11:41pm May 25th, 2016

My glasses flew away while I ran into an old outdoor tornado shelter (wind was strong enough to rip them from my face:twilightoops:). Staying safe with all the local wildlife:fluttershysad:, standing in a couple inches of rising water as water pours in from cracks and holes in the old concrete.... getting to leave at 11pm when the danger passed. Fun. :pinkiecrazy:

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Childbirth vs foalbirth.... · 3:15am Mar 4th, 2016

....and why it is wrong in many pony fics.

There are many fimfics that either mention or describe foal birth.... and I have yet to read one that got it right.
So far, every fic I have read treats foal birth exactly the same as a human's childbirth.

Humans are bipeds.
Ponies are quadrupeds .

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If your character knows the future.... · 3:15pm Feb 14th, 2016

Don't give them any other powers.

Seriously, there are many fantasy/sci-fi books out there where the character's foreknowledge is their ONLY superpower. They could be a little old lady and even Galactus would give them respect.

Because foreknowledge.... even sporatic foreknowledge is extremely powerful.


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Common Pony Story Elements - The good, The bad, The ok (WIP) · 5:36am Jan 5th, 2016

This is a work in progress.

When the MC meets the Main 6, CMC, Discord, Celestia, Luna for the first time.
* Please don't go into exhaustive detail about their physical characteristics. We know what they look like. A large percentage of us have them as our wallpaper. Note, this is complelty backwards from normal writing, but this is FIM fiction, we know what they usually look like.

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The problem's with cannon Applejack · 3:40pm Oct 3rd, 2015

... aka why Tradition for the sake of Tradition is bad.

Applejack says, on multiple occasions...."Don't use your magic to harvest the apples"


Is it because magic affects the taste.... No.
Is it because magical harvesting is inferior.... No. In fact it is superior as fewer apples would be bruised since they aren't falling 10 feet to the ground and the trees would have less damage to their bark. :twilightsheepish:

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