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Crescent Glaive

I'm a strange and nice guy with a big heart :) I love to read and play video games. I live in Finland and do stuff for no apparent reason cause i am weird like that.... Brohoof! :D



Just a notice · 10:30pm Jul 24th, 2017

I'll be changing my current name from Wild Balance to LunarSoulOfTheLostLegion sometime during the next 24 hours or so :moustache:

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Keep on writing and i'll keep on reading:moustache:

I hope you continue to enjoy Zebrican Warlord!

All's fair in love and war... everything is also fair when it comes to me being a silly colt who just wants to boop a friend to show friendly affection:rainbowkiss:

:rainbowhuh: Wait! Not Fair! :pinkiegasp:

  • Viewing 748 - 752 of 752
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random things (and maybe some art too)

(best anime ever. i'll fight anyone who says otherwise)

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