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Oh hey guys.

I also went by USMC Brony, but changed my name due to a lot of confusion (mainly people thanking me for service I haven't rendered yet). I'm currently at school, doing flight training as well as a Bachelors in flight/engineering. Most of the stories on here I started in high school a couple years ago, and due to my (as you can imagine) busy schedule have not been touched in quite some time; so it's safe to say they're all pretty much dead... :fluttercry:

That being said, I try to write the occasional one shot... Although I haven't put any up, because they tend to read more like a formal report than anything else (a side effect of having to practice dozens of them for my degree). Mostly I lurk now, but one of my resolutions for 2014 is to write/post more often - so hopefully that works out.

Anyways, to all of you still following me, you're the breast best. So have this:

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I'll proofread Semper Fidelis for ya. I'm finishing up my 1st semester of college

Not even gonna lie...

Canon x Cannon was pretty damn good. I read it some time ago like maybe a ago I think. Suddenly I decided to read it again while I was reading another fic. Please be a saint and write more.

Thanks for trolling your way onto An Adventure Gone Right and staying long enough to fav :pinkiehappy:

Thanks for dropping the fav on The Clydesdale!

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