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This story is a sequel to Pandemic: Departures

Set in the Pandemic Universe
Takes place a few weeks after Departures Chapter 18, in between Aftermath and it’s Epilogue

A group of weather ponies from up north take a much needed cross country vacation to a little Oasis out in the middle of the Arizona desert. What better way to get out of your element than to see the sights, enjoy the great outdoors... help conduct an illegal weather management program?

what could possibly go wrong?

This is a collaborative project with Lawra. Huge thanks for co-writing and collaborating with me on this, it's been a ton of fun!

Special thanks to Halira for allowing us to use some of her characters for this story and offering some feedback towards the end, and of course ASGeek2012 for creating the original story that sparked all of these little side projects!

Pre Read by:
Halira and Alias_the_J

Chapters (3)

Stardust was just like any other thestral, he woke up, he went about his day to day life, and he went to sleep, never breaking from the norm until that fateful day… the day he was ripped from his own reality and thrust into an alien world, made a pawn in a centuries old feud between an ancient king and powers that threaten to destroy the very universe. Saddled with a role he never asked for, Stardust embarks on an Odyssey, a journey whose outcome will determine the very fate of the world itself.

This is a bit of an experimental story for me, the first time I'm really working with a first person perspective in an entirely new universe. There's no set release schedule for this one, It's just a fun little project to work on when I need to get some creative energy out.

Chapters (7)

This story is a sequel to Pandemic: Dreamers

(Chapters 1-12 will be seeing significant rewrites in the near future to address pacing and other issues that I've wanted to address - They're more than a bit rough in some places, but hey this has been a great learning experience!)

Set in the Pandemic Universe

A Scholar on a journey,
An Optimist seeking out an oasis,
An Inventor with dreams of a better Tomorrow...

Three months have passed since the ETS pandemic left a quarter of the US population transformed into ponies, completely changing their lives for better and for worse. A group of ponies set out to find something new in the world, their paths crossing at an important junction in their lives. Trying to put the past behind them, the group sets out to make their dreams of a brighter tomorrow a reality...

...However, not everything is as perfect as it seems... for some, the future is merely a means to an end, the path to fame and fortune... will the group be able to overcome the many challenges involved with creating the future?

Halira's stories, What you are Meant to Be and Picking up the Pieces offer some expanded night pony lore which give a fuller understanding of the concepts brought up in this story. The original story is highly recommended as it offers the basic premise for this rather niche sub universe.

Special thanks to:
for offering much needed feedback and advice over the course of writing this story.

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A short side story set in the Pandemic Universe, however none of the main stories need to be read to generally understand this story.

In the aftermath of the ETS Pandemic many people from all walks of life found their lives impacted for better and for worse when the world was irreparably changed three months prior. The paths of many have now been diverted permanently, their dreams and reflections mirroring the uncertainty that lies ahead. Alone with their thoughts, they're left to reflect on the events leading up to the present, and their plans for the future.

This is a short collection of tangentially related one shots all set in southern California, near LA, while also introducing characters who's stories I'd like to expand upon eventually.

A very special thanks to both ASGeek2012 and Halira for writing the main stories that inspired this one, and offering some valuable explanations and insights into the timeline so far.

Chapters (4)
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