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An inspirational quote (and my resistance to The Taken Writing Time) · 3:27pm Oct 13th, 2015

"Humility is not weakness; it is the fire through which I temper pride into the blade that is my will."

Kell Xarksis

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The image says it all. · 1:28pm Jul 7th, 2015

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Working on Destiny · 12:04am Jun 3rd, 2015

As some may have noticed, my story has slowed down its release schedule. To be honest, I've found that a weekly release is near impossible alongside things like work, playing video games (guess which) and generally not being a recluse. I'm working to get new chapters out when I can, but expect that they will be fairly infrequent. Don't worry though, I won't just sit on my story for months with no new chapters.

Hope to see you in Prison of Elders, yes?

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Behind! · 1:25pm Apr 14th, 2015

So, bad news... no update for Destiny this week. Something... big has recently come to my attention and it is something I felt needed to be acted upon with haste. Don't worry though, chapter thirteen will touch down next week as usual so until then, stay frosty Guardians.

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Destiny chapter 4 · 2:44am Feb 4th, 2015

So some of you who've been reading my story, Destiny: Guardians of Harmony, have probably noticed by now that chapter four has not yet been posted. This is because Anti-brony and Hallowedsoul had a brief discussion about story pacing and it made me scrutinize the pacing of the story as is and I noticed:

They were both right! My story is moving fairly quickly as is, but at the same time I need to deepen the intrigue. To put it simply, I need to "gget on with it."

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