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Do not fear the Darkness, nor cower before the Light, for there are monsters worse than both in our own minds. ~Dusty Tome

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Twilight Sparkle's life has been one running tragedy, costing both her arm and her family. When she turned to those around her, she was told the same thing every time; "Be strong, for the Goddesses always know what is best". Understandably, It has left her feeling quite jaded. When the Goddesses need her help to destroy an ancient evil, will she respond with courage, or will she turn her back on the Goddesses who wronged her?

Special Thanks to FanOfMostEverything For helping to put this together and for being an excellent writer. Go check him out!

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It has been nearly six months since the defeat of Lord Tirek at the hooves of Princess Twilight Sparkle and her friends, and of Discord's betrayal. Shunned by the ponies he once tentatively called "friends", he has retreated into the Everfree forest. Can Discord ever truly find forgiveness? Or can his betrayal have even darker implications than even he knows?

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Applejack is a supernatural detective slash hunter in the bustling city of Manehattan. She and her partner, Twilight Sparkle, are responsible for taking care of the gruesome murders, shake downs, and other crimes committed by the supernatural that the regular cops cant detect. Now, assigned with protecting an heiress from her vampire ex-girlfriend, she must put her hopes of finding her lost friend aside and defend this woman's life- all while trying not to fall for her.

Originally By NewYorkBrony. Check Him Out.

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