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What's there to know? I'm a gunsmith in Georgia who makes a living fixing things people are too scared to touch.

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Guess who's back? · 3:38am Feb 24th, 2018

Nobody missed me but I'm back. Time to post more stories cause fuck you I do what I want.

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<Sees "Gunsmith>

Well we don't necessarily build guns, we repair and maintain them. Firearms aren't magic, they require almost constant maintenance with even the most reliable weapons. Most of the ones that do survive 30+ years are either never shot or very well maintained by a gunsmith. Also: more guns more funs

Gunsmith eh? Lord knows we need more guns in America.

What does a gunsmith do? I always assumed guns came off assembly lines.

any time man!

Thanks for adding Nuts and Bolts to your favorites!! :heart:

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