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You must have taken a wrong turn.

Oh, you didn't? You meant to come here? Sorry. It's just that not many can handle me.

I must be too much of a badflank for them.

Heheh... yeah, that's it...

In any case, this is the page of a guy sitting at his computer trying to make himself look better than he really is.

I happen to be the owner of the group Those Without (a high amount of) Followers.

My very own fan group is right over this way. Yeah, someone actually felt I deserved one. Hip hip hooray!

And this is... well, the OTHER group dedicated to me. No, really.


Don't wanna get banned from a group? · 10:03am Oct 20th, 2016

1. Leave the group.

2. Whenever you want to post something, join the group and make the post as quickly as possible. It helps if you write the post beforehand so you can simply copy and paste it.

3. The MOMENT you're done, leave the group.

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Why I'm No Longer Here

From Spirit Of Fantasy:

Since I never got my last word before wrongfully being banned, this will serve as my opportunity to tell you all how it is, whether you popularity leeches like it or not. I know there are a few of you out there that may actually be good in nature and real friends that don't care for popularity or attention. But for the ninety percent of you on here, listen good.

This site has been the most corruptive, disgusting and just outright horrible experience for me and my friend, this site is basically a slap in the face to what friendship is magic was truly about. All I've ever encountered was electric sluts who do internet needs for popularity, big time douchie pricks that think they're above the rules and even use their friendships with corruptive and ignorant moderators to get out of trouble. This isn't a site for friendship and story making, this is a filthy social media, and most of you are the parasites that feed off it.

So while me and castaway will be stay true to friendship and happily making stories to entertain people. You can keep this cancerous insult of a site and burn for all we care. Maybe some of you can change, but until then, you ignorant embarrassments to my little pony are dead to us. Enjoy fim fic! Back to castaway

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