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It's a hot summer day, and the Mane Six are eating lunch together. Fluttershy is enjoying her burger immensely. But in the presence of a certain apple farmer, could she possibly be after more than just a good sandwich?

DISCLAIMERS: I planned,wrote and edited this between 2-4 in the morning. Any inconsistencies, confusion, etc. probably stems from that.
I blame my buddy Lion for absolutely everything to do with this story. Send him some love; he's awesome.

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Sometimes, ponies get busy. Sometimes, sorry isn't enough. Sometimes, good things start to fall apart and nothing can fix them. Even though she's been dating Fluttershy for a while now, Applejack is lonely. Something needs to change.

My submission to the AppleShy Contest.
Edited, Pre-read, and brainstorm'd by the inestimable Lion.

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After watching many of my favorite authors doing Thirty Minute Ponies, I decided to try my hand, with admittedly mixed results. Here are the attempts I feel are worth sharing. Other than fixing blatant typos, I have tried to keep them as close to the original posting as possible.

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She's the artist of the two of us. She's always been the dreamer, and she always drifts off somewhere between a fantasy and the stars above us. And I'll always be nearby to pull her back to the ground. Every day she shows me how to be more, and I show her how to be herself again. It's not perfect, but it works, and that's what matters.

Cover art provided by the wonderful Esle Ynopemos. (Seriously, check his stuff out. He's wonderful)

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