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I guess this is kinda the end for me · 9:36pm April 23rd

So I've been away from mlp for a while. Haven't kept up to date with the show, or read any new stories. I do listen to the youtube channels that have mlp stories, but other than that, I have really drifted away from the pastel ponies we all know and love. I think this time it is time to say goodbye to Equestria and make my own world a little slice of heaven for myself. Time to live life and take the lessons of friendship and adventure and move forward with my life.

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So I see. Well, I'm on break at work and I don't know if I'll have time to read fanfics until the weekend. We'll see. Like I said, busy busy.

Hehe, sorry about that. I can be really talkative when I want to be noticed. If you haven't already known.

Pinkie, I will when I get to it, but I've been really busy lately. I know you're hyped on sugar and friendship, but calm down a tad. Okay?

Hello. I was wondering if you be so ever kind and read my stories? It would mean a lot. And, could you, I don't know, maybe feature it on your account to attract more upvotes? Not a lot of people stop by my channel and I'm just trying to get noticed. How did you make it in the big world? Can you help me do it too?

2467034 Realky?! Sweet. I'm gonna PM you.

  • Viewing 194 - 198 of 198
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