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Coming back-ish · 8:58pm Dec 11th, 2020

Hey. It's been a long while. Long to the short, my Psychologist thinks it'd be a good idea to get back to my writing and posting it here, so I can have some sort of social life and all. We'll see when I find the time, but thought I'd drop a line to you all.

We'll see what I come up with.

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Happy to help. :) Although, I haven't written any scary stories at the moment. But if I do eventually write one, I'll let you know. ;)

Thank you for the wonderful suggestion. I will look into it, and do research to see what other successful Youtubers who use their phone have done for a mic.

And, because you’ve been such a wonderful help, if you have a short scary story, I would not mind taking a look at it to see if I feel I am capable of retelling it in a wonderful way. I cannot guarantee I would pick it, but I would be more than happy to look over it to see if I’m comfortable with it.

Maybe you could use a miniature mic that's attached to the phone? I'm thinking something like this... cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0945/2678/products/SMARTMIC_MINI_1000x1000_4888b591-9a16-4b25-a54e-c83ade2e70c5_grande.jpg?v=1556047811
I don't know how well it will work, since I've never used anything like it before, nor am I an expert on filming. :twilightsheepish: Hope that helps. :)

Thank you so much :raritywink: I'm going to have to work on the mic idea. I'm currently filming on my iPhone, so I'm not sure what I can use to work with it, while filming with it not in my face. Have any ideas or suggestions?

I checked out your scary story "Braeburn's Secret" on Youtube and wanted to share how much I enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:
The tale itself is chilling and puts a whole new spin on Braeburn's character. You set up the story nicely and left the reader thinking and in slight dismay at the end. I'll never think of Braeburn the same way again... As someone stated in the comments, I think the only issue was the sound quality. A better microphone would be useful for future projects. Overall, the video was entertaining, and I appreciate your hard work. :)

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