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To be honest I'm not really a Brony in the sense that I don't watch the show avidly, I do however see potential for interesting stories in this fandom, and will strive to keep my work cannon.

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  • ELooping Blind
    Thousands of time the Looper has...well looped. This time Snowdrop is the Looper, The Looper is Snowdrop. Snowdrop is blind. Ponyville is oblivious. Hijinks Ensue.
    Szulu · 3.4k words  ·  16  3 · 804 views
  • TWaking Up on the Moon
    Have you ever woken up in a place you don’t recognize? Like when your neighbor kidnaps you during the night and leaves you on their couch? No? Yeah thats never happened to me either. Waking up on the moon probably gives a similar feeling.
    Szulu · 6.3k words  ·  141  7 · 3.9k views

Waking Up on the Moon · 2:44am Feb 24th, 2015

Lordy Lord. I can't believe people are still adding my first story to their favorites after so many weeks of Hiatus XD. Alright enough screwing around. Waking Up in the Moon is still being written, I've just been busy getting ready for college finding a job, etc. etc. The third chapter is nearly done however and you can expect it soon... I hope.... *Sigh*

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Why isn't "Waking Up on the Moon" a story about a human becoming Luna? You had the perfect setup to it and then he just randomly appears in the Everfree?

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