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Hi, I'm just a simple guy with a love of writing, RPG, dr pepper and anything to do with MLP


Continued absence · 2:41pm Aug 15th, 2015

It's good to actually make another blog on this
My moms had so much building work done on our house I haven't had a moment to think about my stories really. I'll try and get them going again in the next few days as I mangaed to get some new inspiration
On another note, if any of you watchers out there could give me a hand with something I need an opinion with something:
I'll be starting another story soon though I need some help with the main character.

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Feelin Hot, hot, hot! · 5:03pm Jul 10th, 2015

Good lord almighty its been hot here. Normally during the summer it's normally durable where I live but these days it's like living and sleeping inside a bread oven that's been turned up to the highest degree.
Bugger me I don't know how people who live in countries with heat like this all the time.
Most people tell me to go out and enjoy the sun but I hate going out for two main reasons
One: I get such severe hay fever which feels like ants crawling over my eyeballs

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Bouncing back · 8:10pm Jun 19th, 2015

Hey again
So my last blog was pretty terrible and depressing but that was just because I had a really bad day and I was just pissed at everything I've had to do over the past few weeks
Basically I've had problems over college and my home life...but that's all over now
I'm finally better and I'm ready to write!

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Life is terrible · 4:14pm Jun 18th, 2015

You know how people say life is like a box of chocolates
To me life is like a box of acid covered bugs that someone is forcing me to eat.
I hate to sound like a depressing...I can't even think of a word but I really feel like the world hates me.
Everyday someone finds a new to get under my skin. People say not to take it so hard but it just seems like getting up each day is a complete waste of my time.
Does anyone else feel like that's?
I don't know.

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New story/ inspiration running out · 2:06pm Jun 5th, 2015

So while my final exams were goin on at college my jnspiration for my first story has dried up completely. Damn...but until I get my inspiration for my first one is recalled I will be posting a new story
Either tomorrow or next week to keep my deteriorating state of sanity alive till I can right my next chapter
Let's see how well that goes

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Great start · 9:29pm Mar 17th, 2015

So yeah a few of the people on here have already faveourited my story even though there's only a few chapters. I'm honestly really suprised that somepony has already read it. It's not the best but ill do what I can.
I make no promises to when I'll update my stories as I'm still at college and it eats up all of my life right now like a giant beast , though feel free to post a comment and nag me as much as you like. Post any sort of comments you like. I really appreciate feedback good or bad.

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Hello FIM fiction · 12:17pm Feb 7th, 2015

So...um...hi. Guess that's how you start a the first ever blog on a website. Sorry about this rubbish start. To be quite honest I have no idea what to say. Uh...Soooo...I guess I should start out simple. My account names Equestriasservant but I guess you can call me jay. (That's not my real name but it's cooler than my real name heh :)
Um...we'll I'm also I writer. Big shocker right! Heh... My first story'll be along soon so I hope that I goes okay.

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