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Although Equestria is a naturally colourful and joyus place, despite it's dark times. There are secrets that should be kept from this world, locked away so nopony will ever have the displeasure of knowing what true evil lives among them. That's what we're here for.

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The element of loyalty is put to the ultimate test as she finds herself stranded in a foreign world with no idea where she is, how she got there or how she can even get back. When she is rescued by a small group of battle hardened soldiers on a secret search and rescue mission, she has no choice but to go with them if she wants to stay alive.

Soon she realises the seriousness of her situation as she finds herself on the front line on one of the worlds most fearsome battles.

WARNING: Contains strong language and graphic injury detiail.

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For so long Twilight fought to defeat the relentless parasite that had consumed Equestria with fear. She risked her life fighting for what she belived in. Her friends are now dead, her mind is full of rage and now she has become the one thing she truely despised. As she begins to slowly loose control, Twilight decides to once and for all, find whoever did this to her friends and take them down.

But will Twilight find the mystery antagonist, bring them to justice and find a cure before one of Equestria's brightest ponies is driven to insanity and Equestria's only hope for peace is lost?

Chapters (8)

With the whole of Equestria plunged into darkness, the once peacfull world is now tearing itself appart with fear. Twilight, Fluttershy, Rarity and Spike are now the only hope the world has.
They choose to leave their home to save Rainbow Dash. Despite loosing their friends because of her they are determined to prove she can be saved from her madness, which is slowly consuming her. But will there be anything to save?

Chapters (16)

With Pinkie Pie's brutal murder the whole of Equestria is on high alert. With no clues leading to who did it, it begins to look like Pinkie's killer will never be found.
Rainbow Dash begins to find herself loosing control both mentaly and physicaly. As Applejack tries to comfort Rainbow Dash. But she unintentionally becomes her next target.

Chapters (11)
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