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Still a fan of most fics involving Twilight, but not as new. Still a little wet behind the ears as an author though.

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This story is a sequel to Princess of Shadows, Darkness, and Light

Dark times are falling on Equestria. Though the Moon Kingdom has returned, the Dark One is gathering his forces, preparing to strike out at the Princess of Friendship in order to lay claim to what belongs to Him.

It will take everything that Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Luna, and Nightingale has to win.

They will need it, for Twilight's sanity hangs in the balance.

The Guardian of Darkness comes, and his arrival will shake the foundations of Equus.

This story is a direct sequel to Princess of Shadows, Darkness, and Light. Reading of the prequel is not required, though is highly recommended.

All characters, save for original characters, belong to Hasbro. This story complies with Free Use laws.

*Gore rating for graphic content
*Sex tag for suggestive themes; there won't be any clop. I can't write clop; my mind is too twisted for it.

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If I had known that buying that mansion- and island -off the coast of Crete was going to come with portals to Equestria's past and present, I would have bought a cabin in Brazil.

Should have done my homework first.

This story was originally posted as an Idea by deeed22, so some of the ideas are his.

Others belong to my muse.

All characters other than OC's belong to Hasbro.

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Applejack and Rarity have been dancing around the idea that they're attracted to each other, and everypony can see it. Twilight, not being an expert, gets so frustrated about the tension that she decides to enlist Rainbow Dash's help in getting the two to 'let off some steam'. In the course of their planning, however, Twilight begins to realize that she herself has some deep-seated feelings for the brash Pegasus mare. How does a freshly-minted alicorn princess deal with new feelings like this?

I'm just a hopeless romantic, so excuse this if it seems trite or unpolished. Rated T for teen for suggestive conversations, and some sexy kissing. No clop. I can't write clop quite yet.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is not owned by me. All characters in this fic are used in accordance with free use laws. I only lay claim to the arrangement of the words, and any OC's I may create for this fic. (I don't have any planned, but you know muses; they have minds of their own... *SLAP* OW!! dammit...)

Note: Unlike my other stories, this one isn't likely to have any imaginative names for the chapters. It's simply too short for anything like that; I expect it to be no more than four or five chapters in length, with less than three thousand words a chapter.

In other words, just a fairly short romantic fluff piece.

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Equestria is slowly recovering from a war between its neighbors.

In this, it has come real close to be destroyed by a twisted secret that has laid at the heart of its Diarchy since before the time of Discord.

Twilight Sparkle, one of its greatest heroines, has had to come to the hard conclusion that the pony she loved as a second mother never existed.

That instead of a kind, benevolent princess, what she loved was instead a mask.

One that hid a truly selfish monster within.

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Since the last Sky Dancer disappeared, there hasn't been one anywhere in Equus.

Scootaloo, one of Ponyville's infamous 'Cutie Mark Crusaders', starts on an adventure that will lead to the realization of her own hidden talents.

Can such a young filly handle the attention such skills will inevitably bring? And will she be able to find her own connection to something that started long before there even was an Equestria.

And will Diamond Tiara ever get over her jealousy that a former 'blank flank' has a cooler Cutie Mark and Talent than hers?

This story is part of the same universe as my other two fics on this site. All characters except my own OC's are property of Hasbro.

-Note- The reason the teen rating exists is because there might be crude humor at some point. Scootaloo and the other members of the CMC are older in this fic than they look in the show, closer to their early teens.

When I say might be crude humor, that's what I mean. Character tags may change as different characters are added.

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Many years ago, King Sombra attempted to overthrow the Diarchs of Equestria by subduing the Crystal Empire. The actions of three of Equus' greatest champions stopped him, but not without cost. Now, forces that had long been buried were working to bring him and his army of darkness back. Two ponies, whose past actions had elevated them to the forefront of the fight, would come to find their own connection to these past events.

Can Rainbow Dash, Element of Loyalty, perspective Wonderbolt Captain, and heroine of Equestria, rise up to the challenge of a new destiny? And, can she do this alone, or will she have to risk possible heartache with a certain adorkable librarian-turned-princess in order to do so?

All characters except for OC's belong to their respective parties. This fic complies with all free-speech and use laws.

This fic is a prequel/parallel fic to my fic Princess of Shadows, Darkness, and Light. As such, each chapter will help to explain some of the details not covered in the sequel.

Also, the Mane Six will be featured, but I can't tag them on account of the five-character limit.

This fic and its companion/sequel are my first major attempt at writing FiM fan fiction, though not fiction in general; I have done other work, nothing published. What I'm doing here is trying to explore an Equus that is both larger and smaller than the people know. That's the major reason why nothing of Season Five is making its way into the fic, and why it has the AU tag. For more details, look for my various blogs on the subject.

Please Note: I'm in the process of trying to find cover art, as I think that's one of the reasons why this fic has so few views. If you know of any way I can get some, or have some talent in drawing, please PM me. The only problem with commissions is that I have no way to pay; if I did, I'd hire someone to get some cool cover art.

Edit July 22nd, 2016: The rating and addition of the Gore tag is due to the fairly graphic scenes that will be in an upcoming chapter. The scenes are not going to be excessively bloody, just more graphic than usual. There will be a tagged warning on the chapter in question. At this point, that will be the only chapter with those scenes.

Edit August 6th, 2016: Sex tag now added due to the nature of some of the subject material in the last chapter. Spoiler tags will be removed from this edit note when the chapter in question is posted.Story is now complete.

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This story is a sequel to Light's Rising, Shadow's Fall

Years ago, after the fall of Discord, Luna had done all she could to preserve the happiness of the foals who were left homeless and parent-less. This is the story of how the Light of Equus itself preserved her kingdom after her fall to her Nightmare, and how the Princess of Shadows, Darkness, and Light came to be.*^

This story is based on the song and video Children of the Night from YouTube. All rights of both the song and the video belong to their respective owners. My Little Pony and its respective characters are owned by Hasbro; this story is written in accordance to all free speech laws.

*Dark tag is added for future chapters, as there are some dark themes involved in later chapters of the story.
^For those of you that are interested in being a pre-reader, PM me here on fimfiction for my unpublished view password. You can also search for each chapter in Gdocs; keep in mind that you will have to puzzle out things like italics and underlining, as I use the tags that fimfiction uses for font editing. Yes, I know, that's what copy/paste is for, but I'm lazy. I'd rather just upload the Gdoc and be done with it; less work that way.

Edit, August 26th, 2016: As of the newest chapter, the Incomplete tag has been reinstated. Also, the Gore tag has been added due to graphic scenes. Seriously folks, I had no plan in adding that tag, but you know muses; they're like women in that they can always change their minds.


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