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Knight Shadow, husband of Twilight Sparkle, Hero of the Changling Wars, King of the Shadow Clan and Captain of the Knights of Twilight.


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Series Finale · 8:09pm September 7th

Finally saw the Series Finale. It's on WatchCartoonOnline if anyone wants to go see. I might post a link below this, possibly.

Beware of Spoilers ahead for those who haven't seen it.

You have been warned.

Last Chance to turn back.

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Arcane Sigil is my new OC and it's shorter. Easier to find me when I'm in the As in lists.

Why did you change your username?

Ok. PM it to me and I'll give it a look.

If it's alright, I do have a third fic idea that has nothing to do with either of the other fics you're doing for me.

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