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This is my first story so constructive criticism is appreciated as well as any tips or tricks to writing a story. By the way this is a fusion fic where all worlds mentioned all exist in the KH universe which is how this is all happening.

Description: Sora wants to go saving worlds again with Donald, and goofy for nostalgia’s sake and besides that has nothing better to do. Plus he failed to do the one thing he wanted to not screw up by becoming a keyblade master, unfotunately he screwed up and Kairi hasn't bothered to visit in a while not Riku since he's busy training with Yen Sid. And boy, meeting a jerk security guard, killer animatronics, and eventually technicolor ponies already in a fight with some dark king is sure to be an adventure he won’t soon regret nor forget. A crossover between the Kingdom Hearts universe, MLP universe, and FNAF universe. *sighs* Wish me luck.

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