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Twist is in her last year of middle school, and desperately wants it to end. Bullying, difficult assignments, and problems at home have placed her thoroughly under stress. Gloomy and isolated, her self-hatred leads her to sacrifices her health in order to meet the demands of her strict parents and teachers without outside assistance, or friends, for that matter.

Surely the start of summer will be a relief- but Twist's relief disappears when she finds out she has to attend a summer camp as a counsellor in training. There, she will have to confront the things that have been troubling her, and come to terms with her situation regardless of choice.

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Rainbow Dash tries everything to get to sleep after a hard day of weather control. Frustrated when nothing works, she decides to enlist in the help of one of her friends in an attempt to curb her insomnia.

Meant to be a short story with cute moments. No shipping, but if you're a lover of Flutterdash, you might like it.

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