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I am awesome, don't deny it, I'm starkillers apprentice, I can force repulse you into next year!


Before you hate my stories... · 7:35am Apr 10th, 2012

Please note that 99.9% of the time, I look at my story and am like "WHAT THE FRICK DID I JUST WRITE?" anyway, I'm getting better, and for my first year of Highschool (next year) I will be taking a creative writing corse, so my fanfics will improve dramatically when that happens, until then, you'll just have to try to understand the jumble of words I "somehow" have the right to call fanfictions, or rather, FIMFICTIONS!

Bad pun, I know, I suck at jokes.

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Another story? · 11:31pm Apr 7th, 2012

Hello people of the internet, I have been working on a new story for the past few days, and the first chapter Is nearing completion, so it will be up soon, if you want to look for it, it will be titled something along the lines of Revenge of the Harmony, Just a name I thought up, and the story will be better edited, and better described than my PIECE OF CRAP MY LITTLE DASHIE SEQUEL, sorry for yelling, just needed to say that, Anyway, the new story should be up soon, and I think I may have to

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MY SEQUEL! · 5:12am Mar 26th, 2012

I Just recently submitted a fimfic (Is that how you say it?) For approval, Which marks my FIRST ATTEMPT at submitting a story on this website! Should it not get through, it is on my Deviantart page so you can still read it, but I hope it get's through, by the way, this is my first blog post too, I AM GETTING IT ALL IN ONE HIT! (Why do I feel like Pinkie Pie at 11:00pm?)

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