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Octavia's been around the block more than once and she has seen so much more. But after years of fame and fortune, she's grown numb to being a celebrity. She doesn't care about how many bits she has, how quaint her abode is, or when her next performance is. What she does care about though, is when she will be able to relish the moment of forgetting what life is and all its travesties.

And it is all thanks to her dark secret that only she and one other knows about. But maybe, just maybe Octavia can find comfort in confiding in two ponies that she never have thought she would.

Thanks to 0_0 for proofreading and pre-reading this fic and for giving the inspiration for it!

I hope you all enjoy it.

Chapters (2)

Timelines crisscross and sometimes converge. Other times, they run parallel to each other.

For one filly, Nightfall has only ever wanted to know what a mother's love feels like but when every attempt ended in failure, she looked at the moon and wished upon it.

Unbeknownst to her, her plea was heard by Starlight Glimmer. And with a single decision, she and several others will become entangled in a world where one timeline can cross over into another.

Many thanks to these awesome peeps for helping me out!

Berry Delight

Chapters (8)

During her fight against Starlight Glimmer, Twilight Sparkle is tossed into a future where Nightmare Moon rules all of Equestria.

We know how that went, but how would it end if Twilight failed to escape such a timeline? And how would she handle the situation to come if she stops Starlight Glimmer and returns to her own timeline?

One-shot idea that came from inspiration of this song: Alone in the Dark credit is all his, not mine.

Thanks so much to Berry Delight for proofreading and helping me out :pinkiehappy::raritywink:

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Pinkamena's known Pinkie Pie for a whole year now and she's been working at Sugarcube Corner for half that time. She loves her job and loves the fact that she gets to be around the sister she's never known all her life, but how is she supposed to tell Pinkie Pie she has a crush on her?

triggers: Incest, F/F relations
Coverart done by Behind-Space check out their amazing works!

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An innocent game gone wrong and now the twin Pies, Pinkie & Pinkamena, are feeling the aftermath... And Pinkamena can't believe how her life had gone from the heights of Cloudsdale to the depths of Tartarus in 10 seconds flat.

She can only ask herself one question now: "Why?"

This one-shot was inspired by the cover art and a discussion about Pinkamena with ShadowKirby (thanks man!) so as always, go check out his works too! I recommend Caged Inside :pinkiehappy:
Inspiration and Cover art done by AquaGalaxy on DeviantArt. Go check them out!
The poem, "Why?", is my own off my fictionpress account.

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Feedback is appreciated! So click that thumbs up if you liked it! If not, tell me why constructively so I can learn!

AU with canon from S1-S5 intertwined
image by this artist: rautakoura Go check out their works!

Two-years after Tirek's defeat, an old acquaintance returns to Ponyville and sets up shop. Trixie Lulamoon, a twice-felled show mare with a boastful ego, comes to her rival seeking to become a better mare by learning the ways of Friendship.

But is that the only reason for Trixie's wanting to change, or could there be something deeper behind her reason?

Will Twilight and her friends be able to help Trixie change, or will she be herself through-and-through?

Much thanks to 0_0 for proofreading every chapter!
Beware of spoilers in the comments! It's no fun ruining an unread story for yourself, right? :raritywink:

Chapters (6)
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