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Chapter 8 is up! · 4:43pm Jul 9th, 2018

Chapter 8 of "Eternal, Nightfall" is up for those who have been reading it. Feel free to check it out!

Chapter 9 is in the works but will be a bit as it is being co-written alongside my proofreader. Stay tuned!


New Story Up! · 1:42am Aug 13th, 2017

TEternal, Nightfall
A filly in distress. A timeline that shouldn't exist. A mare's broken promise. Will things turn out for the better or will the broken promise make a false history repeat itself?
Coldfire Hart · 24k words · 351 views

Got something new in the works. The first two chapters are up. I hope you enjoy it, should you check it out. Feedback is appreciated as always too... and prayers to my editors as I am working on chapter 6 at the moment and they will inevitably be swamped at this point.

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Sacrifice Is Finished! · 5:35pm Jan 14th, 2017

It is done! Chapter 5 is finally up! Check it out here!

It was grueling for me and I apologize for letting it take this long. But now that it is done I can work on my goal to write more and with that in mind I do have a story in the early stages of planning.

Have a good one!


Trying to Work on A New Fic... · 12:10am Jan 14th, 2017

...can really suck.

With the finale of Sacrifice in its final stages of proofreading, I am looking to get it posted either before or on, Monday the 16th. There's just a bit I need to review and/or discuss with my Proofreader beforehand.

I think all of you who have read it will enjoy the final chapter and maybe even give me some feedback since I am trying to get back in the swing of writing and since I want to write more in 2017.

Now onto my dilemma...

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Chapter 4 Is Here! · 10:07pm Dec 5th, 2016

At long last Sacrifice has an update!

Chapter 4 is up, read it while it's hot! :pinkiegasp:


I Know, I Know... I'm sorry! · 11:07pm Nov 25th, 2016

So hi everyone!

Been a long time...very, very long time. So I wanted to just say some things both in relation to my lovely RL and for Sacrifice.

First off, my life is finally not being a pain. Well, it is but not to the extent that it has been the last 6+ months.
Ups & downs and spinny things haha now it is slowing down to a good pace.

Anywho, now for Sacrifice...or as I have called it: "The Story that Drove Me into A Wall"

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Happy Birthday to Me! · 2:46am Mar 18th, 2016

I feel twice as old as I officially am now...yay adulthood :rainbowderp:

Also, life has been keeping me down for the count...Which sucks since I've been unable to work on Sacrifice...Maybe some green cider or something can help? :rainbowkiss:

Anywho, Happy St. Patty's Day, everypony. Hope you all had a good one!

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While Working... · 2:46pm Jan 23rd, 2016

...On "Sacrifice: Trixie's Return," I have gotten inspired to work on something more Grimdark.

Now while I have one chapter done, I am indecisive whether or not to just revise it into a one-shot, or work at it as a chapter story. I have decided it will be an Anthro story and the main character would be Rarity and her marefriend, Rainbow Dash.

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New Years! · 9:35pm Jan 1st, 2016

Happy 2016, everypony! Hope y'all had a great last quarter of 2015! I did...after my real life slowed down and gave me a break...

In a nutshell of my disappearance and lack of updating for "Sacrifice: Trixie's Return":

1. Holidays
2. Both desktops in the house died... one's power supply shorted out and the HDD died; the other's monitor plug decided to stop working
3. My beloved car of 6 years finally gave in to terminal cancer known as [Engine Rod Syndrome] (curable, but not worth it)

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Join Us 0___0 · 10:22pm Aug 26th, 2015

So I played Waifu Roulette... I am satisfied with my 5 doors. Do you dare? :trixieshiftright:


2) Luna

3) Octavia

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