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Two words: "Google Translate" · 12:52am Mar 15th, 2015

So after listening to "Let It Go" Google Translate remix... I decided to put "I Am Machine" by Three Days Grace through it...

This is the man,
All pain, disease,
He is bleeding
At least something to feel

I would like to know how to
Sleeping just running
I would like to know how to
Refers to the place, but

I had a car
Open your eyes and I said in my heart,
I had a car
Part of me
I wish I could think of something,
I had a car
Then, when you break into this

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Thx for the fave

You are welcome! I enjoyed the fix a lot. Do keep up the great work!

Thank you for the fave on Not My Head, My Heart and for the follow! Much appreciated:yay:

2613102 That really means a lot to me! :raritystarry:
I hope you enjoy/ed the EqG Rarixie one as well! :twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 143 - 147 of 147
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