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This story is a sequel to Double Trouble: The Flaws Within

The Crystal Mirror is irrevocably broken and beyond repair.

On this, the paramount minds and Mages of Equestria’s current generation all agree. And the one pony universally understood as having the highest chance of its reconstruction is tragically marooned on the other side of the Portal.

In the human world, Princess Twilight Sparkle has despairingly reached a similar conclusion. Although she might be the preeminent Mage and researcher extraordinaire back in Equestria, this world is a land of technology and machines, a realm of hard science she finds sterile, cold, and forbidding...and one totally unfamiliar. Facing the reality of being permanently stranded, Princess Twilight struggles against despair and depression as she confronts the long, arduous road to acclimatization.

Twilight Sparkle, now in Equestria, faces similar challenges…or would, should she ever thaw enough to interact with her environment. As prickly and standoffish as ever, she defiantly remains independent and autonomous as she struggles to rebuild her former life precisely as before.

Between the intense friendship with Princess Twilight and renewed bond of love with Princess Celestia counterbalanced by extreme guilt over the catastrophe, Sunset Shimmer strives to balance duty versus desire, obligation versus friendship...

Especially as she senses Equestria’s peace and stability―and perhaps even survival―depends on Princess Twilight’s return.

From the ashes of disaster, can hope flower once again?

(Double Trouble takes place the summer after The Battle of The Bands)

Pre-read, edited and critiqued by my friend and fellow equestrian, Toriandthehorse

Artwork by: Yakovlev-vad

Chapters (1)

There exists between worlds a veil, one that cannot be parted under any circumstances.
Or can it?
One man's heartfelt yearning is granted when that veil is finally pierced, and his fondest wish bestowed, bittersweet though it may be.

Cover Art by Shieltar

Chapters (1)

When Sunset Shimmer decided to return to Equestria to right past wrongs, neither she nor her friend Princess Twilight Sparkle could possibly imagine the series of events resulting from that decision.

With the Crystal Mirror irrevocably broken, Princess Twilight is now stranded in the other world, while the highly agitated, furious, and unhelpful human Twilight is equally stranded in Equestria. Sunset Shimmer--still new to friendship--now faces enormous challenges as she struggles to solve the seemingly impossible: how to send the human Twilight back while also bringing Princess Twilight back, when the only portal between worlds has been destroyed...and how to heal her former mentor and teacher, Princess Celestia, who has been stricken by a debilitating illness.

With the prickly and standoffish Twilight refusing to help--and, more often than not, injuring feelings and infuriating tempers--the fate of both worlds rests squarely on her shoulders.

*02/2020: Earlier chapters heavily edited for readability based upon readers' comments and critiques

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Pre-read, edited, and critiqued by my friend and fellow equestrian, Toriandthehorse

Artwork by: Yakovlev-vad

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