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While enjoying a quiet evening at the bar, Bon Bon and Lyra are joined by two new faces. A changeling and a kirin, visiting Ponyville on vacation. The two ponies are happy for the company. After all, changelings are just like ponies, and apart from being all female, kirin are too.


Written for the Pride and Positivity event.

Black Lives Matter - Where to Donate
Support Black People MasterDoc

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The Cutie Mark Crusaders: friends, colleagues, and, when the occasion calls for it, partners in crime.

Things change over the years. Ponies grow up, move out, and head on. Scootaloo's marriage is only days away, but Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle have one more big job planned before she walks down the aisle. A send off party to celebrate together, just the three of them.

Scootaloo is the last to hear about it.

This story is just one of the many stops on the Monorail! The event's theme is "trains". For a full list of content, click here! The previous story posted was But With a Whimper by Undome Tinwe, go check it out! You're more than welcome to write your own addition, the only requirement is rail transport as a major plot element or location. Have fun!

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Busy as they all are, Twilight Sparkle always makes sure to carve out a bit of time from her week to spend with each of her friends, and they all do the same. That's what friends do: make time for each other.

So why do her evenings and early mornings with Rarity feel so much different?

Rated Teen for light alcohol use.

Cover art is a hasty composite of three different pieces. Credit to L1nkoln, Yakovlev-Vad, and Hioshiru.

This story is part of the First and Only Raritwi Bomb. A week's worth of stories and art all centered around Rarity and Twilight. If you liked it, the previous story posted is A Game of Chess by PrussiAntique, and you can find a master list of all Raritwi Bomb content here.

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Hughbert Jellius and The Smooze have a whirlwind romance.

Written in a day for Jake the Army Guy's Horse Words Extravaganza. The prompt: obscure shipping.

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Four months after Chrysalis' defeat and the reformation of the entire changeling race, Twilight wakes up in a cage, deep inside the changeling hive, with a glass chain around her ankle and an insecure Thorax staring at her from across the bars.

At least it isn't a pool of changeling mucus this time.

Meanwhile, Trixie and her chitinous new friend work together to take down Thorax's empire of evil and glitter.

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For the vast majority of Equestria’s recorded history, there were only two alicorns. Princess Celestia and Princess Luna were divine, unique, and to even imagine a time before them was impossible.

After thousands of years, two more alicorns were born, and ponies started asking questions. Where do alicorns come from? Why are they so long-lived? What exactly does a pony need to do to ascend?

Neither of the ancient sisters were interested in answering those questions, if they even knew themselves, and that is where the leads died for so many intrepid students, scholars, and scientists. But nopony could stand between Twilight Sparkle and the truth.

Nopony, with one possible exception.

Edited by Chapter: 13.

Thanks to Cogwheelbrain for prereading.

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Fluttershy admired Rainbow Dash. Since their time together in flight school, she wondered what it would be like to say it aloud. Of course, Rainbow already knew, but saying it aloud would change everything. So it was never said.

Years later, as Rainbow, Fluttershy, and their friends are poised to step onto the stage of Equestrian politics, those words don't seem nearly so daunting. A simple question.

The answer, however, might prove enough to tear Ponyville apart at the seams.

Entry for the FlutterDash group's contest "Change".

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In ancient times, Equestria was not ruled by immortal creatures, but by humble kings and queens. When the alicorns appeared, not all were willing to bow before them.

In the wake of a failed attempt on Chancellor Luna's life, the king and queen of Equestria discuss the future of their reign.

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This story is a sequel to First Impression

Gilda and her daughter, Gloria, are safe and happy in Ponyville. But there's another Gilda that Ponyville forgot. A Gilda who now lives in the town of Griffonstone.

My last minute belated submission to Ocalhoun's 250k Contest.

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