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Twilight goes over a list of things she has yet to due with her own student, Starlight Glimmer. So she plans a little camp out and invites everypony.

Everything seems to going perfect, everything was planned, everypony showed up, all the supplies were brought and the campfire was lit, and a lively coversation was going... Then two princesses decide to drop in... and share in a campfire song, which happens to be the best song in the world, ever, but it's actually only a tribute...

Oh, and covert art was done by me.

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Story inspired by "My Little Dashie"

A little Celestia, through mysterious circumstances, ends up on Earth, and is picked up by a human who has no idea who she is or what to do with her. Things start to get more complicated when she's not the only weird thing to pop up.

- Anyway, I liked the original tale, but wanted to have my own spin on it. I'm making more of parody / random thing out of it than a tear jerker. If you haven't read "My Little Dashie" then go do it.

- Honestly I'm surprised i didn't find any other stories where someone tried this. I also read "My Little Chryssie" and thoroughly enjoyed that. So... go read that too

Or read this :trollestia:

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In this verse Chrysalis successfully takes over Canterlot, however this hardly ends her venture. In fact, it is just the beginning. For becoming the ruler of Equestria is anything but a smooth ride. She will have many obstacles and opponents to overcome, difficulties that the royal sisters or element bearers would otherwise have faced ...

edited by The Fan Without a Face

NOTE- I began this story early into season 5, accordingly much of the changeling lore in this story won't match details shown in Season 6 and beyond.

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