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Hey, I'm jacob and I like military things and ponies.


Times between each chapter · 2:28am Dec 9th, 2014

Ok, so I'm gonna sorta lay out what I'll do for each chapter. On the weekend, I will always push out a chapter, I may do more or try to get more done. DONT EXPECT ME TO ALWAYS MAKE A PROMISE OF MORE THEN ONE CHAPTER. -coughs- I may start another story but I'm not one for multitasking, so until the other one is about, idk let's say 10 chapters in, I'll write up a draft for my idea. And what goes for what I'll be writing, either human/anthro will probably be the main topic, also most of the time

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15w. Uas operations.

2122729 I've tried to get back into it, but I've lost where I was going with the story. I do want to continue and finish it. It'll take time. Plus, like your name, I've taken up a position in the Army. I love it.

I've been in hiding my friend.

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