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Here to create create side-fics! And redo stuff too.


Canceled and Deleted... for now · 3:14am Sep 27th, 2018

Almost 4 years since I first published my first Fallout: Equestria fic in late December 2014, huh? Well, I have bad news those who are still anticipating this. It's been deleted. At least for now because some, otherwise most, of the chapters I've worked... wasn't what I had hoped for. If any, they felt pretty rushed and the quality seemed too sub-par at best too. And as a result, my progress had been at a total snail's pace from last year's disaster and my current progress had still been

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I am indeed new. I'm familiar with fanfics, though. Its just that I've been here before I registered (been reading all 45 chapters of Fallout: Equestria). And thanks!

Whoa, correct me if I'm wrong but you must be new, right? I looked at your stats and it doesn't give any information past today. If you are indeed someone new to the site I say, welcome! If not, I feel completely embarrassed.

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