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"Ah guess Celestia did see the potential in me," Applejack said.

"You mean us?" Discord asked, looking into his marefriend's emerald green eyes.

"Whatever..." Applejack sighed, rolling her eyes before giggling, her cheeks becoming a fruit punch pink.

What would happen if Applejack was asked to reform Discord instead?

When Celestia asks Applejack to reform and teach the meaning of friendship to Discord, Applejack doesn't see the potential. Why her? Well, Celestia knows, and only she knows.

Hilarity, randomness, flashbacks, anger and adventure ensue. Did I mention romance on the list too?

Chapters (4)

Sugarcube Corner has been getting less costumers because of traveling season. Thus, Mr and Mrs. Cake tell their only worker Pinkie Pie to look for a second job. Pinkie takes the advice, not knowing that she is going to become an entirely different pony.

(Does contain very, very light background shipping: Button Mash x Sweetie Belle)

Chapters (1)

The mail mare Derpy Hooves, everypony hates her. They say she's stupid, worthless, but that isn't true. She's actually really smart. One day, she has to deliver a package to an unknown address to an unkown pony. She doesn't realize that her life is about to change, entirely.

Chapters (1)