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The Countess of Tuscany

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Fimfiction "Newbie" · 6:21am Nov 28th, 2014

I suppose I must preface this by saying that the title is not entirely accurate. I have long lurked around FimFiction as one of the hundreds of anons without accounts, whiling away the hours reading the stories here. I cannot recall exactly what my introduction to MLP fanfiction was, though i strongly suspect it was when a friend sent me a link to My Little Dashie one evening. I can say with a certainty that I have been on this website without an account for a year, immersing myself

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Hey! Thanks for the fave on Under A Luminous Sky! Judging by your library, I'm in good company!

Here, have an awesome:

Dude, love the reference in your name. Good band.


Thanks for reading my story. :heart:

2390606 I always love meeting other DT fans, there aren't enough of us in the world.

I'm a massive fan of Dream Theater. Great to see another fan on here. I'm happy you enjoyed the Mare from Germaney. :twilightsmile:

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