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My Future as a Writer · 4:36am May 28th, 2015

Ugg I've been running over this so many times its driving me crazy. Do I really have a future as a writer? Sometimes I say yes and other times I say no. I sometimes reread the stories that I've posted on this site and honestly I feel that my work is a pile of crap. I story idea always goes smoother in my head, but I soon as I try to write/type it doesn't always come out the best. Sometimes I just feel a bit jealous of some of the other writers on this site, but I think that its probably cause

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Personal Thinking · 7:31pm Mar 31st, 2015

Last night I was laying in bed and I started thinking back on a comment that I had left on Moon Solence's story Secrets in the Shadows and in the comment I went on a rant over the main character's father's insults toward Derpy and to be honest I was a bit harsh in what I said but I believe the reason behind it is that I love Derpy Hooves and strongly believe that people need to see her in a different light. When I learned the story behind Derpy and the backstories that fans have created for

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