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Trixie Heartstrings

Hi everypony, I'm Trixie Heartstrings. I had this idea for a fanfic and I wanted to write it. I have other ideas that will come later. This will help me gain experience. Be sure to leave a comment.


Starlight Glimmer Fan Fiction · 4:22pm Apr 7th, 2015

I saw Kirito's challenge to make the Starlight Glimmer fan fiction w/ Joseph Stalin, and I've accepted the challenge. Why make a blog? As some of you may know, my last fan fic is incomplete. I haven't come around to working on it, and I'd like advice on how to make a fan fic that isn't shit.

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Hey there, happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday!!!:pinkiehappy::yay::twilightsmile:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! *lets of party cannon*


And don't forget to give your brother, Kirito, a big thank you. He's the one who told us it's your birthday. :twilightsmile:

Happy birthday!

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