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Soarin and Rainbow Dash have been a known thing for quite some time now. Every interview, every meet-and-greet, every show, and every day, they are faced with the same love and hate from fans all over Equestria. Only the ones who bother to really observe see that the couple is just as innocent, sensitive, loyal, and sweet as they are raunchy, sexy, bold, and confident. Nothing can be a better representation of that than what went on at HQ.

He hates it more than words can express, but Soarin has always had a tendency to be overprotective of his mare, sometimes even jealous. And seeing that Dash happens to be one of the most attractive mares on the face of the planet, he has a good reason to be; stallions always seem to know the right buttons to press to make him feel jealous and threatened. Sometimes it doesn't even matter who the stallion is - if they overstep Rainbow's boundaries, it'll be enough to set him off. So when his cool finally slips around a fellow Wonderbolt, he doesn't expect his day to end very well.

What he doesn't realize is that Rainbow Dash is very aware of how he's like when he sees her with someone else. And she wouldn't change that for the world. She loves him inside-out and will be damned if doesn't know that.

For PimpArtst101's story contest for the given cover piece, and also inspired by Camila Cabello's song "Inside Out" off of her debut self-titled album. First time I've ever done something like this, but Imma tell you, this was SO much fun to do, and I hope you enjoy!

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Rainbow Dash is known to be a spunky pegasus mare with a great need for speed, and retains a hard-headed, determined attitude with endless sass, coolness, and awesomeness - all wonderful ingredients to make a brash tomboy. If it weren't for her big brothers, Dash probably wouldn't be half of the great, tough mare she is now.

Wait - you didn't know Dash had brothers? Well, of course, she did! What? Did you think she developed her personality by genetics or something? Nopony can be as awesome as her without a little guidance!

Meet Heat Wave, the twins, Sun Strike and Lightning Strike, and the triplets, Forest Mist, Cold Flurry, and Rolling Thunder - Rainbow Dash's six older brothers who have influenced her so much and taught her more things about life and herself than anypony else. Take a look at her life growing up from birth to marehood as her brothers play their part in raising her, teaching her how to handle herself and watching her grow up into a strong, loyal, empowering mare as she plays as one of the guys.

Adventures will rise, mistakes will be made, and shenanigans are inevitable. But through all the trials and tribulations, these seven siblings will always come together, creating a bond that will last for the rest of their lives.

A story about family. Family is forever, and so are the things that come with it. The love you receive from your family will be with you, and help to shape you no matter what you do or where you go.

Rated T for future chapters

EDIT (11/6/18): Surprise, surprise! The newly edited chapters are being published! You'll notice that some concepts have changed a bit, but most things have stayed the same.Thank you for being so patient with me, and I hope that the wait was worth it. :heart:

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Long, long ago, when the two worlds of Day and Night split apart, the Wonderbolts and Shadowbolts did as well. The Wonders belonged to the Day and the Shadows, to the Night. Rumors turned them and their worlds against one another, becoming sworn enemies. The bond that once kept them and their worlds together had been reduced to nothing but bitterness and hatred. To ensure no connections were made, a forest full of danger separated each worlds' territory. The dense hatred grew over time. Then, on one fateful day, everything changed.

Soarin, Prince of the Day and an elite Wonderbolt wonders about the Night World. Rainbow Dash, Princess of the Night and an elite Shadowbolt wonders about the Day World. When they meet in their youth, they develop the most forbidden of friendships, meeting in secret as often as they can throughout the years. One day, it turns into something more.

But on the same day, their secret gets out.

Spurred on by hatred and betrayal, the two worlds prepare for war. Can these two friends prove to their people, enemies, and families that love and harmony is possible? Or will they never get the chance to be together like they want?

Follow them on this journey of love, trust, and betrayal as they teach the world and each other what True Love is - putting aside the biggest differences to accept them for who they really are, and to show that they are willing to do anything to ensure that the other is safe and happy.

EDIT (1/21/18): I hate to disappoint you guys, but I'm officially canceling this story. This version, at least. I jumped into this with no plan and in the process, got myself stuck in a messy web of world-building, details, history, and everything that this AU doesn't quite have set in stone yet. I'm leaving this here for your viewing pleasure, though, and I promise you, whenever it is that I get to rebooting this, it'll be much better; because then, it'll actually make sense. :rainbowlaugh: :heart:

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Rainbow Dash is Animado High's best sportswoman and Performing Artist. She can do anything from singing and dancing to track/field and football. The talented tomboy seems like she has a perfect life - excellent grades, athleticism, beauty, life-long friends, a loving family, close to zero problems. But, she does have one problem - she has to decide which one to do after she graduates.

Then, not too far into Summer Break, a best friend introduces the Wonderbolt Academy, and there, she can do both her dreams of being a sportswoman and Performing Artist. The best part? They have three, not one, but three openings in their Sport and Perform team, the most fun, but difficult, division in the academy. Rainbow packs her bags, applies to the academy, and even befriends some people there. But as the year goes on, Rainbow Dash will not only find her true place, but also someone to love. (Modern!Anthro AU)

EDIT (1/21/18): I hate to disappoint you guys, but I am officially canceling this story. This version, at least. I will be doing some serious heavy edits and actually think this through and outline it before I reboot it in the future, and the same goes for "Two Worlds, One Love". I've done a lot of growing these past few years, both as a person and as an author, and I will admit, looking back on this isn't exactly something I'm proud of. I'll keep this up for your viewing pleasure, though, and I promise you, when I'm not so bogged down by other projects and life, I will bring this story back to life - only better. :heart:

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