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Rainbow's Prank on Twilight. What should it be? · 4:09am Dec 26th, 2011

What prank should I have RD pull on Twi?

It has to be a particularly saucy one, and extremely funny.

I was thinking along the lines of her licking Twi in public or something, but that doesn't feel... 'pranky' enough, you know? Nor would it consume an entire chapter. If you have ideas, please post 'em here, or PM me. Thank you, I love you all, and to all of you a good knight's sleep!

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Flames: Ecipsed · 11:44pm Dec 10th, 2011

Well! Thanks to all of you who have lent me your ears ad your skills with quills! my fic SHOULD be submitted by the end of the year. If not, then I'm aiming for the end of January. I have always been sporadic in my working way, so I've already got the last few chapters completed, but not the second, third or fifth. (I won't tell you how long it is, but my longest chapter so far is only 3,969 words long.) Hope to get it up soon!

~Super Big Mac

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My writing career.... will it go? I say: Yes! · 8:22am Nov 7th, 2011

I really have to thank ratmage99 for all the great advise - for the first three paragraphs. Once I get a little more written (i.e. off my cellphone and onto my PC) I can really start going. I'm confident that this will go off well, even though the plot is 98% side plot.It will only really become relevant when my friend gets around to writing his story...:twilightblush: He was going to draw it as a comic, but he for some reason can't draw ponies well.His art is amazing, but he says ponies just

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What is Love? · 3:50am Oct 19th, 2011

A question everypony eventually faces: What is 'Love'?

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