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A month after the Brisby home is moved, Mrs. Brisby goes on another journey in order to find her children who have been kidnapped by a mysterious shadow. Brisby's travels take her to the magical world of Equestria where she meets six particular ponies who help her in her struggle along with the Rats of NIMH who have moved recently to the world after Thorn Valley is destroyed. Unknown to the ponies or Brisby, an old enemy has returned seeking revenge. Enter this fascinating tale of Courage, Friendship, and Love as the dark and wondrous world of Don Bluth meets the innocent and magical world of Lauren Faust.....

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The Doctor, the last of the Time Lords has regenerated into his 11th incarnation. Arriving in Equestria, he meets the young filly Apple Bloom. The Doctor takes the young filly who, after the Doctor returns 15 years later, has grown up into a young adult pony on a journey throughout Time and Space. With Apple Bloom as the Doctor's newest companion, the two fight various aliens, save planets, and meet new and familiar faces......

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