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This is a story about Spike the Dragon, and about what it is like to lead a life in Equestria as a Dragon named Spike. There is no grand journey, nor some sort of over-blown conflict. This story is about Spike, and Spike alone.

NOTE - The gore tag is mostly for the unflattering way in which I portray eating, and isn't actually indicative of actual story content

Chapters (3)

Your name is Jack. You are a musician looking to make your way to the top. These are ponies. They took you away from your world by accident, and with a massive language barrier, you aren't sure who or what to trust. What's a man to do?
Join yourself on your adventures in Equestria, and take in the culture.

There's a whole new language to learn, after all.

Chapters (5)

Lyra is stuck inside a "living" room after A Canterlot Wedding. Watch as it seeps away her memories and emotions. Will she die, or will she be rescued?

Chapters (1)

Sweetie Belle enters Rarity's room to ask a question, but finds something much greater then that.

Prepare your anus for...


Chapters (2)
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