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In a decisive campaign against the forces of King Sombra, Moonshadow fights against himself weary of the constant charging and fighting that takes place. He takes time to reflect on a previous life before the war while still inhabiting it.

Set place in the Great Crystal War Alternate Universe

Just a short story that I whipped up in a couple of hours as a warmup. Feedback is appreciated.

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Dawning Blossom, a female post-graduate from the Star Swirl University of Magic who had majored in applied mathematics within magic. She has been sent to the heart of Canterlot by the orders of the Princesses to study applied magical fields in three dimensions. She had been given a dossier of her work partner, Ucles. Possibly one of the least renowned mathematicians in the day and age. This is because of who he was, not what he did.
Dawning Blossom arrives at the office she is to work at and finds something quite different. Both with the apartment and the tenant that lives inside of it...

All constructive feedback is greatly appreciated!

A story inspired by the late Alan Turing.
(Story is still a work in progress. The sex tag may be included later on with talk of genitalia and things of that matter)

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An entity awakens within an environment. Only to discover a barren wasteland and the unpredicted.

A surreal story by The Renaissance Griffin

Thank you all to the following who supported in the making of this story
Sparkletop Rainbows

Be sure to give them a follow

Cover art found here

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Princess Celestia, Ruler of Equestria, sometimes needs a moment to herself. She creates the moment on a calm morning where the snow has fallen and the wind blows, with the accompaniment of tea.

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Claire, a young pony-dragon hybrid is entering in her first year at Canterlot-Lunar-Elementary and is not that quite excited for it for she expects it to be a bad year, but would actually be a crucial point in her life that she can be able to reflect upon and remember that she lived through all of the bullies, pointing and laughing, and discrimination. And all because of those who supported her throughout the whole school year and the future love of her life.

All characters that are OC inclduing Crystal Clarity, Coal and Illusion are copyrights of Kilala97 on DeviantArt and all other OCs in this story are mine and are allowed to be used under my privilege.

Cancelled due to new story being written at the moment

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