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This story is a sequel to A Sparkling Romance

From the depths of the shadows, King Sombra has returned from his untimely demise. But he is not alone this time. By his side, Queen Chrysalis leads her assault of Changelings upon Equestria. This unlikely pair pose a deadly threat to the nation, and the dark lord returns with all new powers. Can Twilight Sparkle and Aqua Blue destroy the Changeling forces, defeat the Dark Side, and restore balance to Equestria in a desperate race against time before the world falls into the hooves of Sombra? Credit for cover art and title to sonichedgehog2.
Pre-read by Corwin Freiss.

Chapters (10)

Twilight Sparkle has never truly experienced love for any matter. That is...until a pegasus named Aqua Blue moves into Ponyville. She then experiences feelings inside her, feelings she's never had. How will her friends take this new chain of emotions she's facing? Meanwhile, when the news of the Wonderbolt's air show hits Rainbow Dash, she quickly realizes that the tickets are all sold out...except for two, stored in the Canterlot Royal Vault. She enlists the help of Pinkie Pie in order to swipe the tickets and go to the show.
(Credit to Blackm3sh and Takua770 of Deviantart for the backround and Twilight pose, respectively, for the cover. Credit also to godzillabots from Youtube for the title idea.)

Chapters (9)

When Rainbow Dash is told of an impending disaster to befall Equestria, linked to a past event in her life, she must go on a time traveling mission to certain points of her life to correct in order to fix the future. However, Discord soon breaks out from the amount of time travel, but even he helps her when he is told of his own fate. Meanwhile, Darkness Flash, an alternate dimention version of Rainbow Dash, receives word of her time traveling, and plans to stop her.
( Please note: This is in no way a parody of anyone else's fanfics. Certain elements of this fanfic will parody parts of Star Trek: The Next Generation with the use of an afterlife scene similar to one in the show, and Doctor Who for the use of time-travel. )

Chapters (10)
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