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Doing a lot of thinking as of late. My pm box is always open if you wanna talk ^_^


Days impressions of CTB: · 5:40am Jun 20th, 2018

So i love BlazBlue ctb, even if the game suffers from the usual fighting game problems of new players being smashed by higher skill players effortlessly. But it's still a blast. Never posted a review, but I'm doing a daily thought thingy cause today's was fun


Ruby is broken
Carmine and Yukiko OTP
KANJI FRICKIN TATSUMI crushes everyone
Yang burns
And gord is still a noob crusher
That's all for now

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A Note for any Blazblue Cross Tag Players: · 6:02pm Jun 19th, 2018

The latest wave of DLC launched today, meaning Yang Xiao Long, Carmine, Jubei, Hakumen, Vastita, Aegis, and Naoto are here to play. Yang is free for all players, the others require either the season pass or DLC payment

If anyone has the nintendo Switch version, lemme know. I'd love to take you on, I've been running Yang/Kanji all day, and they are an insanely good combo. :twilightsmile:

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Taking Suggestions: Overwatch Team Name. · 11:11pm May 25th, 2018

So today, I was showing friend and fellow Fim user Red Chaos the ropes of Overwatch. Then Shadowmane, another user, joined us for a match. We all had so much fun I decided we should be a team. But we need a name. So I decided instead of being creative I'd just outsource it to you folks. Any ideas for a team name for the two Americans and a Brit who play Soldier, Junkrat, and Brigette?

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Only 13 more days till Blazblue Cross Tag Battle! · 2:31pm May 23rd, 2018

So while I foolishly plopped down 40 dollars on Overwatch again, I am happy to say that I'm still able to afford CTB on launch day! I'll be playing on Switch, as it's my main platform of choice. As for my mains? I'm going with UNIEL's Grim Reaper Gordeau, and Blazblue's dancing duel shooter Noel.

What about the rest of you? If you are picking it up, what platform are you getting, and which characters are you maining? :)

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Hey folks? · 3:55pm May 19th, 2018

Two little reminders for you,

1) If your trying to share good news with your romantic partner, phrases like, "We need to talk" and "it's over" are not good ways to do it.

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About this particular story. · 6:52pm Apr 9th, 2018

I've been getting a lot of comments on this story lately, people asking me to get back to writing it, people excited to see where it goes. Frankly, it astounds me. Simply put...I do not much believe any of my early writing on Fim was all that good. Both Forced Memories and Hypnosis One Shots were written when I was a naive, inexperienced writer who put things to paper without much consideration for them. Hell, I still don't think I'm that great a writer. And the reason I haven't picked up on

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So for Maud Fans today was a real... · 5:48pm Mar 31st, 2018

Stick in the mud? :trollestia:

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Poetry: Percy Shelly's Men of England · 5:52pm Mar 26th, 2018

Men of England, wherefore plough
For the lords who lay ye low?
Wherefore weave with toil and care
The rich robes your tyrants wear?

Wherefore feed and clothe and save
From the cradle to the grave
Those ungrateful drones who would
Drain your sweat—nay, drink your blood?

Wherefore, Bees of England, forge
Many a weapon, chain, and scourge,
That these stingless drones may spoil
The forced produce of your toil?

Have ye leisure, comfort, calm,

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Did I Request thee, maker · 7:54pm Feb 27th, 2018

from my clay to Mould me man? Did I solicit thee from darkness to promote me?

We're reading Frankenstein for our British Literature class :p

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Ama · 11:55pm Feb 19th, 2018

Haven't done an AMA in a while, so I hope this'll be fun ^_^

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