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Striving Scholar

Hello everyone, I enjoy reading fanfiction, games, and writing among other hobbies. I also enjoy meeting new people and trying to write fanfiction as well.


Happy Nightmare Night · 3:15am Nov 1st, 2017

Happy Halloween/ Nightmare night everypony :pinkiehappy: 🎃

I hope you had a fun and safe day today and updates and stuff will be coming soon :twilightsmile:

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moving, updates and extras · 11:44pm Jun 27th, 2017

Hey everypony, I hope all is well. so I know I've been quiet lately and there is a pretty big reason for that. for the past few months I've been in the process of moving to a new house and only recently has anything started to settle down for me :applejackconfused:. I am really enjoying living in the new home so far and have a sense of freedom for it, though I am still settling in and adjusting to the new neighborhood and stuff, but I am back now and ready to continue reading and writing more

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Updates and Convention! · 4:49pm Mar 25th, 2017

Hey everypony, it's been a while. I have a few things going on, so here they are:

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2 Years of FimFiction · 3:29am Nov 9th, 2016

Hard to believe, but it has been two years since I’ve joined FIMFiction. Just where does the time go, I wonder…and it happens to fall on Election day as well, holy cow :pinkiegasp:. Well anyway, it’s been another awesome year here and I’ve met more great people, got a new job have new things going on in my life and can’t wait to continue this journey on this site as well :yay:. I know I’m not that active in terms of content creation, but I have some plans for this year:

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Updates and stuffs · 6:19pm Jul 28th, 2016

Hey everypony, Striving Scholar here with some updates on things since I haven’t done some serious ones in a while. I have a small list to go over, so let’s get to it:

See Her Smile:

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To See Her Smile progress: · 5:45pm Apr 3rd, 2016

Here is a blog rundown on my story’s progress for those who are interested. I have the story mapped out in my head, but this listing may change, as I do have a few ideas that may require this to be rearranged. Regardless, I’ll update this list frequently and piece it together from there. Thank you for your patience.

Updated 1/21/18
Inspiration is back and i'm back at this as well as my other stories too :rainbowdetermined2::pinkiehappy:

To See Her Smile progress:

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New Episode and Updates: · 5:52pm Apr 2nd, 2016

Hello there everypony

<Minor spoilers in this part>

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Convention, Season 6 and New Fiction Incoming! · 4:10am Mar 6th, 2016

Ok, so first, later this month, I’m going to an Anime convention, which is pretty cool since I haven’t been to one since 2014. It’ll be awesome and I have a few cool costumes to finally get to try out there! :pinkiehappy:

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1 Year (late -_-) · 8:47pm Nov 12th, 2015

Wow…as of this past Sunday, around 9:45pm, it has been one year since I’ve joined FIMFiction. I can't believe it's already been that long since I first started coming on here, where does the time go? In that time, I’ve met some great people, read many fictions, and got to try writing my own works.

My upcoming plans and works for this year:

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That episode... · 4:08pm Oct 10th, 2015

The episode today...was awesome! so many good songs and even the finale was unexpected! The turn around for Diamond was a bit quick, but still a cool episode.

The best part too...so many headcanones either confirmed or busted! Holy cow...

That's all for now...please excuse me while it sinks it...

*twitch twitch* :pinkiecrazy:

Ok, I think I'm good...i'm fine...overall, good episode though, what are some of your thoughts? Let me know,

S. Scholar

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