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woah look who's alive · 5:26pm Apr 16th, 2017

guess what guys. I'm back. I passed school. It's summer. It's time to start typing. I'm planning on writing more for Attack On Equestria. However it has come to my attention that my writer's block has become bigger than an elephant, and if you so kindly mind I need a bit of help moving this elephant. So to address the elephant in the room, mind you different from the elephant blocking my writing, I require some assistance. No money involved, just you kind souls helping a damned "writer". Just

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Really 2016? · 6:51pm Dec 27th, 2016

Carrie Fisher dies, huh. Ya just couldn't give us a break, couldn't you 2016. This year has been terrible for all of us, the whole world. So just to ruin your day and or night, lemme list a few down for you.

-Harambe dies
-A whole ton of shootings
-Donald Trump wins the elections
-David Bowie dies
-Alan Rickman dies
-Hurricane Matthew
-Zika Virus
-Ebola Virus
-Gravity Falls ended
-Muhammad Ali dies
-Prince dies
-Earthquake in italy

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Welp, I need a break · 7:31am Jul 25th, 2016

Hey guys I need to take a little break. I recently just lost, a best friend of some sorts. All stories will be continued of course, maybe not now. I just need time to get back in touch with, life I guess. I've spent too many hours typing to no progress, sorry if you expected more from me. Again I will come back, just not within a week or two. I don't think you guys eagerly await for a new update everyday anyway. Sorry about the drama, I will come back with llama?

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Group Collab · 2:49am Jul 6th, 2016

Hello all my pretties, I have news for you! I did a thing, apparently I'm part of a group collab now. So why don't you give it some support? My name is in the credits so that's cool, also ironically it will be my OC Hot Shot's first appearance on this website, and I'm not the one publishing it. But that doesn't matter, GO CHECK IT

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NEW STORY!!!!! · 1:02pm Jun 4th, 2016

Heyo all my fans? people who have decided to take interest in my shoddy work. I have a new story, because I'm a horrible person and I can't continue nor finish things properly. NO SPOILERS ON WHAT'S IT GOING TO BE ABOUT. Maybe the others are dead, maybe not. Probably not, I'll get to work on it right away. I just need to distract you guys with a new story I just want to make sure you guys don't get too bored of me:pinkiehappy:. SPOILER:It's Assassin's Creed

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Dis how I rite storey · 10:43am Feb 11th, 2016

No, in all seriousness it's quite hard to work on three things at once. My life isn't even included in those three things.

EDIT: I aint kickin' the bucket and I aint never gonna kick it - me (Read in Braeburn's voice pls.)

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Got a new story upcoming · 9:49am Feb 4th, 2016

It's gonna be called Don't Stop, a more serious take. WWII, D-day, Platoon get's split, ends up in Equestria. Nuff' said

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Delayed introduction · 10:30am Jan 26th, 2016

Yes you clicked this, hi. I probably should have done this a long time ago but since I'm gonna take this seriously, I'll pause my Bon Jovi playlist on loop and introduce myself.

I am Darth Pinkie, obviously. I do mostly crossovers and I have an upcoming story that will be WWII based, as I am an avid war studier. To anyone who actually thought I left, as Fluttershy would say it "I'm sorry":fluttershbad:

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Ya know what? · 8:54am Jan 14th, 2016

This fimfiction thing isn't really working out for me, I might say that this account will be dead in the next couple of days... Fortunately some idiot named "Darth_Pinkie" is gonna come back and revive it screaming "It's Alive!!!" Or something like that, anyways peace out!


Oh Faust nooo! · 7:46pm Jan 9th, 2016

I've gotten a bad case of writers block, I guess there's just so much on my mind. I can't seem to even think of a suitable ending of Attack on Equestria, ever since I had introduced the character "Arkelli" and "Tamaraw" my plans for the story fell apart. So if anyone has ideas for the ending of plot line of Attack on Equestria, please PM me!

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